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Function of elevator light curtain 2017-8-28

What position of elevator door detector mounted on the elevator car door?
Installed and screwed on the car door between on the landing door the car door.
What is a safety edge?
Safety edge is used to protect people from being hurt, it takes effect when the hand to touch

According to statistics, the elevator passenger's injuries, more then 80% are caused by the elevator door. Much of the elevator malfunction is the elevator door system failure. Engineering and technical designer uses various forms of elevator door protection system. Since the 1990s, infrared screens elevator door protection system in the elevator industry gradually been widely adopted.
Infrared screens sensor elevator door protection system...

Principles and applications of the safety light curtain 2017-8-26

Safety light curtain principle by infrared light emitting diodes to emit multiple beams of light onto a receiver to form a curtain of infrared light, and if the body part through the screens, and blocking the beam of light which, at least, through the internal control circuit, the machine being monitored issued an emergency brake signal such as press, press and so on.

Curtain has a very wide range of applications, such as on the need to constantly send reclaimer stamping equipment, if you install security door contact, you need to frequently switch operator protective door, it will not only increase the workload of the operator, but also reduces production efficiency. In this case, the use of the grating and the light curtain is the best choice. When the operator to send reclaimers, as long as there is any part of the body blocking the light, it will cause the machine into a safe state without an operator will bring harm. ...

Specifications for Elevator Machine Room 2017-8-25

1, The elevator machine room should be neat enough and equipped with weatherproof door and windows. The room door is supposed to be marked with “Machine Room, Staff Only”. And the alleys to the room shall be safely accessible. There should not be any equipment or facilities unrelated to the elevator;

2, The power panel and power switches in the machine room should be in line with the requirements of the specifications. Furthermore, they should be properly and securely installed and perfectly marked. The cable trunking in the machine room should be appropriately and normative laid;

3, The power lines and control lines should be isolated from the cable trunking, and their corners should be padded;...

A new generation of elevator door detector 2017-6-06

“Angle eye” visual perception controller for elevator
Based on visual perception technology, eagle eye is an innovative new product employing computational intelligence for modern elevators.

1.No blind zone in the entire detection range
The eagle eye camera, overlooking the entire detection range, captures all typed of barriers with no blind zone within the car door side frames and the door still by applying the efficient and flexible algorithm at the cycle of 33 millisecond...